Thursday, 21 March 2013

My little work room

Well, folks I thought I was going to show you my work room but Blogger has changed how one uploads photos and I'll have to learn how to do it their way before I can show you! Be patient with me, you know my computer skills are zilch! I have been try to relax this afternoon as I have been working much too hard and when one gets frazzled work doesn't flow freely....or be enjoyable at all.....then the phone rings and I'm hurtled into a pressurised situation again when a customer wants a card before it actually even thought about yet...and long before it should be thought about...however it will get done when I get dinner over. We are having really cold East winds today and we have been warned to prepare for snow later is bitterly cold outside...the birds are feeding madly all day - a good indication that they are away ahead of the forecasters! Now, I shall try and get photos to you as soon as I can get time to plough my way through the new uploading system. Sorry!


  1. I've not had a problem with uploading pix to blogger recently ...... last time it happened a number of us had to start new threads and post the text but, in order to insert pix, had to switch to HTML layout - not sure if this is the same problem but just thought I'd pass it on



    1. Thanks for your input - the problem is that some of the photos are coming up askew and they shouldn't be...I'll work it out somehow but thanks!

  2. Hi there Joyce welcome back well to be honest had not noticed that blogger had changed the way of uploading. The User interface had changed a while back now but think the way of uploading has been the same.

    Yes sometimes it does play up seems in UK have read it on blogs over there. so maybe it is regional?
    To be honest has been mostly okay for me just mildly plays up, nothing major or anything like that...
    On my dashboard this post came up and one like it with a photo of your wee room, saying what shall I call my room What will I call my room? here it is still on my dashboard, and it had a photo on it too, as said:

    "Joyce across the Pond at Crafty Quills - 7 hours ago
    Haven't quite decided what to call this little room - is it too small to be a Studio? I don't know, it seems so 'posh' to call it a Studio but whatever I call it it is the place I spend a lot of time in. I try to keep it tidy - the floor is the untidiest place of all as it is nigh impossible to harness all those little bits in a rubbish bin....they even get walked all over the house....hopefully you are saying 'what's new'!!
    I hope I have managed to put these photos on this post....I shall only know after publishing. "

    And when clicked on that post it said post not found found.. seems it was seen from here, but maybe you deleted it, cos not okay over there?? puzzling? take care - pray you get it sorted asap,
    Shaz in Oz.x

    1. Yes, Sharon, it did publish but I deleted it as the photos were askew! I'll do it again eventually - you are privileged! It looks pretty full now that all the stuff is in there - kind of different from when you were here!