Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Second Post today

I have a couple more photos to show you. One is the wallpaper in this room was really beautiful....the largish rooms lend themselves to wallpaper with a large repeat and I show one example here. Also another bedroom - pinks seem to be popular in this house. Sorry - seem to have posted 2 photos the same - can't get one removed...yet another senior moment.

Holyhill House near Strabane

Sorry for my long absence. Lots of work but in between jobs I had a day out with my husband's mens' group (we womenfolk are 'allowed' to accompany them on their outing).
We visited this house yesterday. The house was built around 1670 (yes 1670. It was bought in 1683 by Rev John Sinclair. At one point in history they had to flee the house but returned and the house was in the Sinclair ownership for 250 years. The last of the male line was William Hugh Montgomery Sinclair who, while in America on Consular service met a certain Elizabeth Elliot Hayes who was American. They married and when he died left all his estate to his American wife. On her death in 1957 the estate was taken over by Major Gen. Sir allan Adair, who was the liberator of Brussels. The estate was then sold to a local Pharmacist and it is now their family home. The rooms are small compared to our other big houses but this makes it a very cosy home indeed. They keep it immaculate with only a very little help and onl have small groups to visit by prior appointment for which they make no charge but ask for donations to a local charity. There were so many beautiful paintings and an absolute plethora of books in the most wonderful bookcases....wish I could show you more of it but here are a few pictures to whet your appetite for a visit to our country.