Friday, 11 January 2013

Hello again - 2nd post today - mainly to show you my wee Snuggly Dolly I knit very recently - I read Tina's blog - she lives in the North of Scotland and her blog is a joy to read each day.....Tina is a knitter and has some patterns of knitted dollies for sale and some time ago I downloaded this one and here she is - she wants me to tell you she is very shy about being on the internet.....she is just 8" tall (an inch shorter than she should be, don't know why) and is lovely and squidgy....not firm at all as I'm told she should be able to be hugged by a small child etc Here is the link to Tina's blog I hope you will pay her a wee visit and enjoy reading about her life in rural Scotland That's all for now.
Hello Everyone - although 'everyone' may have given up on me! Here I am back with some photos (?) of a couple of things you may like to see. A neighbouring church has a small knitting group and they decided to knit 8" squares in all the 40 shades of green. Then Joshua told them of an idea to make a Christmas tree out of these squares and this is how it looked. They held a little viewing afternoon the Saturday before Christmas accompanied by a cup of tea of course and some goodies to eat. You can see Margaret in the photo too admiring the tree.....she is one of the leaders of this group and much more if you but knew! The ladies have done a magnificent job of knitting these squares with the help of some, sadly I only had time for 4 of them... In one of the close-ups of the tree you will see a little bag in fair-isle - Margaret's daughter Ruth is a Doctor and has been doing duty in the hospital in Shetland and a kind lady taught her the fair-isle technique. There is a practical element to these squares of course. They are being taken down and along with many others - well over 1,000 - will be sewn into blankets to be sent to Africa. They'll be much welcomed there where nights are cold.