Sunday, 27 July 2014

A card I made recently.....

I made this card recently for a very 'young' and trendy 70 year instructions were to make it clean and simple...the word used was minimilistic..with bright colours, even weird combinations of's my take on that:- I started off with 2 sheets of A3 black card as large cards need to be extra stable - so this gave me an A4 size card....I have boxes to fit this size as well as 6 x 8". Then a layer of orange (brand unknown) - a layer of Certainly Celery - and a layer of cerise (unknown brand). then I popped a rectangle of Grafic 45 Birdsong 'umbrellas' over a little larger rectangle of black again. I then adhered more of the umbrella card unto thicker card and cut out the umbrellas to give me enough to put a little spread of them in the bottom right hand corner to balance the tag....the tag is from Waltzingmouse and it is to be found here - I put the recipient's name on the front of it and a little message the way it folds up to hide the message. Inside was a very simple wording as 10 people were going to sign and leave their personal greetings. I decorated the box as well and popped it all into a gift bag which I had used my leftover strips of paper on with some black curling ribbon. Hope you like it!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

The saga of the hat!

Well, I just cannot believe that any company could deal with the packaging of a hat like the way ASOS has done. I sent away for a hat from is a black hat, not a hat with a very large brim which is not suitable for a 5' person. The first hat arrived damaged, it had been in a box which was too small for it so I sent it back with a request to have a replacement (new) hat, undamaged, sent to me in a box which would ensure it didn't get damaged at all....well.....came home today to find a delivery slip through the door...the hat had been delivered...said 'in secure porch' - we don't have a secure porch so went looking in a place they usually leave things...not a sign of a hat sized box...back to front door again and there, behind a plant trough was a tiny box 6 x 8 x2 1/2 inches!! Well of course before I opened it I knew the hat would not be wearable at all....judge for yourself! That is the first and the last order from Asos. There is no way it seems for me to be able to speak to anyone in the Company....the 'contact' on line just leaves you going around in circles and I give up...but it is all a laugh now....will have to do without this hat!