Saturday, 18 February 2012

Another Card and an Idea for You

Hello everyone.....I just wanted to say at the outset that some of you may be thinking the cards I post all have a sameness about them....the reason....all the cards are for customers who are expecting to have all the elements you see on a card - they are all for different people so while you see some, but not all, of them obviously each person has only one card (well, sometimes it can be up to 3 for someone, a situation I don't particularly like but however).
Yesterday I received some lace from
I wanted to show you how it looks on this card. The ribbon roses are in pale peach and as it is a 50th Birthday I wanted to add a little gold as one usually associates gold with 50!
It is beautiful cotton lace and I toyed around with some of it after finishing the card and trimmed 7 motifs and attached them together with hot glue by gluing each motif in the centre - I started out with 5 and that would do 'in a pinch' but I don't do 'in a pinch' things so went on to 7 which I think looks so good. I do apologise for the photograph...neither I nor DH can get a decent in focus snap of this delicate bit of sorry...we have tried a lot of colours behind it and flash, no flash.....nothing works!!
That's it for now...time for lunch on this very sunny but cold Saturday!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

60th Birthday Card

Hello Everyone....had an order just last night for an urgent card....said I'd manage a 'simple' one....don't think I know how to keep it simple....I've cased this one from Debbie Olson with changes. I've used the All Booked Up die from PTI as is the little circle stamp surrounding the cameo. The cameo is from Waltzingmouse but I needed a circle to surround it rather than the oval with the set.
The flowers on the parchment were stamped using Fresh Snow Ink from PTI and the stamp is Waltzingmouse Roses in Bloom. To cover up the way I've adhered the parchment to the card front I've added little punched 'daisies' and a pearl on top.
I made an envelope as well - dp from stash. It is very muted, sorry the envie photo is so bad....that's my poor photography. I've just puched out two circles of pink cardstock, one for top closure and one on the bottom closure to reinforce the dp....then stuck on a circle of velcro in white. I've found that this is the easiest closure...indeed it only needs a little pressure to hold the envie closed and can be opened and closed quite a bit (Research and Development Department of Shikishi assures me of this LOL !!) . I've magnets which I find are much too strong for this kind of closure ( and some of them are hard to get stuck on anything) so I prefer the velcro...and for those of you in the U.K. I got two packets of 70 each of these (1 packet black and one white) for around £5 - they are in Lidl (German store) this week. I thought that wasn't bad value compared with our local haberdashery place so got one of each colour....if you know of better value let me know.
Hereabouts it is wet and miserable - just the day for getting some cards in line is a Christening Card for a little boy called Harry and it needs to be ready for Joyce, get your skates on!!

Friday, 3 February 2012

A Gingerwoodies Kindness

Sorry for being so long in posting but I've had flu - where did the last 3 weeks go to?
Now, I want to tell you about some friends of mine....they are all 'Gingerwoodies'.
For those of you who don't know who they could be we are all members of a stamping, scrapping (though I don't scrap) forum who support each other in our creating. We also support each other personally as well and I consider it a privilege to be a small part of this caring group of people.
Over the years I've been shown many random acts of kindness and I thank those who have blessed me - you know who you are - the latest kindness arrived with me last week. It all started when I posted a thread on the Gingerstamp forum saying I had found 'Hershey' kisses (chocolate - American fashion) in Asda here in the U.K. Hershey kisses are favoured among stampers as being one of those little treats one makes decorative packages to present them in.....well, MA from the forum asked me for my address and the end result is that this lady went to considerable (and Ireally mean 'considerable') personal expense in posting me a box (Medium Priority for those of you in the U.S.) of goodies all the way from Conneticut - gosh was I surprised at the size of the box....I was really flabergasted (do you know that word?) indeed. I have photographed the contents. She has also spent so much time prettying up all the little packages which filled me with so much joy and happiness...chocolate and more chocolate.....crafting goodies by the score....goodness it was endless opening it was like Christmas - my birthday (which I spent in bed with flu) and much more all rolled into really lifted my heart. So in this world of much corruption and hatred there is still goodness to be found in the hearts of caring people. These people spread happiness worldwide. I really cannot come to terms with this generosity...I expected a little envelope with a few Hersheys but was gifted with a mountain of delights.
What are we in this world for but to gladden the hearts of others and I've experienced this last week and indeed will for some time to come. Thank you MA for this generous act of kindess. May God bless you for all your endeavours.