Saturday, 18 February 2012

Another Card and an Idea for You

Hello everyone.....I just wanted to say at the outset that some of you may be thinking the cards I post all have a sameness about them....the reason....all the cards are for customers who are expecting to have all the elements you see on a card - they are all for different people so while you see some, but not all, of them obviously each person has only one card (well, sometimes it can be up to 3 for someone, a situation I don't particularly like but however).
Yesterday I received some lace from
I wanted to show you how it looks on this card. The ribbon roses are in pale peach and as it is a 50th Birthday I wanted to add a little gold as one usually associates gold with 50!
It is beautiful cotton lace and I toyed around with some of it after finishing the card and trimmed 7 motifs and attached them together with hot glue by gluing each motif in the centre - I started out with 5 and that would do 'in a pinch' but I don't do 'in a pinch' things so went on to 7 which I think looks so good. I do apologise for the photograph...neither I nor DH can get a decent in focus snap of this delicate bit of sorry...we have tried a lot of colours behind it and flash, no flash.....nothing works!!
That's it for now...time for lunch on this very sunny but cold Saturday!


  1. wow - what a beautiful card! You are very talented! The lace is gorgeous, it's annoying when the camera really doesn't do something justice isn't it? Have a lovely weekend - Helen

  2. Another beautiful creation, Joyce. The lace adds such luxury to these very personal cards - I'm sure the recipients must be delighted with them!

    Hugs Jill x

  3. ah Joyce you certainly dont do in a pinch at all - just stunning work here my dear - your cards are truly beautiful and not repetitive as you seem to think thanks so much for sharing oh and pop over to my blog have something for you there, every blessing Shaz in oz.x

  4. Such a beautiful card Joyce. Your calligraphy is just stunning!

  5. Very elegant, your calligraphy is so beautiful!

    You asked about the Envelobox Creator, it's a type of scoreboard made by Crafter's Companion, it comes with a little booklet on how to use it. Basically you can make any size envelope (flat, 1/2", 3/4", 1" deep), the booklet has a grid with width and height measurements, it tells you what size square of paper or card to use and then you just score the lines according to the size. Then just fold and assemble. It did take me a while to figure it out but there are some videos on You Tube about it. It is handy for making cards with flowers or a lot of embellishments. I hope that helps!