Tuesday, 27 July 2010

WMS Sketch Challenge 7

This, of necessity,has to be a quick CAS card....I want to take part but don't have too much thinking time or 'put together' time at the moment. Would have needed a darker ink (this was Brilliance Meditteranean Blue) to stamp with - it's sort of ok in reality but a bit faded looking on screen. Card is from The Papermill(U.K. Company with shops at our outlets in N.Ireland) and of course the stamps are Asian Gardens...have still to enjoy getting to grips with this set.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Sketch Challenge 6

Hello everyone....here comes my entry - I started with the 'wedge' and frilled this rich coloured ribbon around the edge...then made another smaller 'wedge' and frilled the see through gold-edged ribbon around it. Used this same ribbon to outline the other two edged as well. I embossed yet another 'wedge' with PTI embossing plate in Moroccan something or other. Unto this I pop dotted a circle - gold embossed -from Victorian Frippery and cut another circle out of the middle in which I set the hand made flower - the edges of the circles are brushed with Victorian Velvet (what else?) distress ink. Then made very small flowers in gold (23mm wide cut in two lengthwise) to add to keep somewhat in the sketch guidelines...I make no apology for only having three....it must be three or five....sorry Claire, 4 is not for me!!! I then used the Victorian alphabet for the sentiment. I will talk more about it on the Forum one day. Looking forward to seeing all the entries nearer the end of the week.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Sketch Challenge 5

Well folks I've had a bit of a job getting this cards sorted....nothing would come to me...all I knew was that I wanted to use Victorian Frippery but how, that was the question? I started yesterday full of enthusiasm and then unexpected visitors descended on me and knocked me right off my perch!!

This, despite losing my mojo, is what evolved. I started with a pearlescent very pale blue base card....then another layer of the same. I stamped the long border in this set both 'upside down' as it were and embossed it with silver...this bit took my breath away - it is so delicate - in the space left between the layers I handcut slits to slide the velvet ribbon through...I also added little pearls. Then I felt it was just a little bit bare so you know what happens? Yes, took another little image from the set and did another bit....I notice that it is a little more solid that the border one which is probably the way it is meant to be but no matter. Then I didn't want to cover up all this loveliness of Claires so kept the 'square' bit to a minimum...this is a shiny blue cardstock panel and on top of it is a glass panel on which I stamped the two little motifs and the sentiment - had to choose one to fit of course.....made several bows but they all look too heavy....wrapped some pearl ribbon around the top and added a small bow and yet another pearl...think there are a bit too many on this. However it is completed, thank goodness....and now I have to think of blues and greens.... Just popping in again to apologise for the quality of the photo....the long border is stunning in real life and this photo doesn't do it justice. Sorry folks.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Cashmere Lace

One of the other crafts I like to do is knitting. In our family there were 4 females who knitted...and knitted and knitted. We never had any bought knitwear that I can remember. When our children were young they had very little bought knitwear but it is different now...kids want fleeces and so on.
This is knitted with cashmere....very, very fine and knit on needles suitable for double knitting yarn (is that worsted in the U.S.) so it took some getting used to knitting with thread-like yarn on big needles....the yarn is available in the U.K. from several spinners but I bought mine from www.yarnaddict.co.uk - Anni designs garments for the well known knitting magazines.