Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Cashmere Lace

One of the other crafts I like to do is knitting. In our family there were 4 females who knitted...and knitted and knitted. We never had any bought knitwear that I can remember. When our children were young they had very little bought knitwear but it is different now...kids want fleeces and so on.
This is knitted with cashmere....very, very fine and knit on needles suitable for double knitting yarn (is that worsted in the U.S.) so it took some getting used to knitting with thread-like yarn on big needles....the yarn is available in the U.K. from several spinners but I bought mine from www.yarnaddict.co.uk - Anni designs garments for the well known knitting magazines.


  1. This is lovely - love the colour!

  2. This is so lovely, Joyce! It's such a pretty color, too.

    I'm also a knitter and right now I have 2 projects on needles and several others waiting to get started. Your beautiful shawl reminded me that I have one waiting to be knit with baby alpaca, which is sooo soft. I find knitting very relaxing and rewarding:) Probably due to the hot weather we're having, knitting has not been on my agenda for a little while.

  3. This looks lovely Joyce, I can only imagine how soft it must feel - and as for the colour, beautiful!

    J x