Saturday, 25 June 2011

Cyndie's Wish LOL!!!

Well, here you are dear girl....we are having an Assistant Pastor soon and within the Presbyterian Church after they go through Union College they have to be Licensed......this was my gift to ours and I also gave one to another man who we know recently did two of these and of course Shaz you will realise that I've managed to do the gilding a la PVA....the main text is in Foundational Hand which is very plain...not like Shaz' ornate letters which she has hand drawn. Endless patience to do those. Hope you like - lettering is not 100% but I was in a hurry...when am I not?

Thursday, 23 June 2011

A fishy tail.......

Look what someone gave us last week....two were 1 1/4lb each and the other three were smaller....I had 'fun' cleaning them all out....we ate one each for dinner and the rest are thank you Tom and friends for your tasty gift and thanks to Ailsa (she of the Easter ring on an earlier blog) for driving here to deliver them. They tasted absolutely delicious!
I'm also posting a photo I forgot in last post....this is the one with the painted word on it!

This and That

Well folks, sorry for the non-posting - life gets in the way but thought I'd show you the little town of Malin in County Donegal....we were passing through this beautiful little town with it's 'triangle' of green in the centre of the small town - this is typical of so many Irish towns. Sadly it appeared that there was only one little supermarket open in the small hotel too but lots of small shops closed up. We headed on up the road to Malin Head which was a communications point during WWII. It's a wild and breezy place so we didn't stay too's the most Northerly point in Ireland. Ireland was neutral during the war and to deter planes from dropping bombs meant for the port of Londonderry in Northern Ireland (a few minutes by plane away) someone had the bright idea of painting the word 'Eire' (this was the old name for Ireland) on the rocks (you may see this vaguely in one of the photos) - wouldn't be much use in the dark when most bombs were dropped!!