Monday, 25 July 2011

What is this life, if full of care.......

.....we have no time to stand and I am...... it serves to remind us all that some staring is necessary once in a of the photos is also of the woodland walk...and I kept saying to my husband...'it's so quiet here!'...while unknown to us in another woodland not that far distant over two strips of water something utterly sinister was taking place...what a shock we got to hear of this when we got home...there we were walking in a peaceful woodland and ...well, I've already said it all. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Norwegian nation at the moment.

Summer came - a day out.

When the forecasters said last Friday was going to be the best day of the week we headed off...and en route I managed to replenish the cardstock and dp supplies. We visited Rowallane Garden where there is a beautiful walled garden full of a plants to charm any gardener's heart. There are lots of old stone walls bursting with little ferns seeking the light of day. Rowallane is one of the old houses and estates owned (mostly but not exclusively) by the National Trust.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

A Couple of things I made today.....

Well, I made these after spending some time making the templates last night....I know you can get templates on the web but sometimes the things available to us in the U.K. are not American sizes so sometimes they don't work...for instance....a certain stamp company has their own notepads and I ain't going to pay postage for them so, we have perfectly good alternatives at Tesco.....and one of the photos shows my attempt to cover one up for a little gift....the paper is Washi paper attached to thick cardstock. I bought this so long ago at The Paper Ya on Granville Island, Vancouver...what a - I've also managed to include the flap inside the cover which can hold receipts or something else you need to keep alongside it. This was the last piece of this paper in my possession.
The other photo is the cover on the 100 size post-it notes - some felt flowers and a leaf (both Papertrey) and a couple of petals off a corsage I bought a long time ago - coupled with a ric rac and an edger panel as well. You know we see these things on the net all the time....I may be slower than some but don't underestimate the time it takes to come up with even the simplest little offering. All this when I should be making some of the 15 cards on I better get back to that.
Kind regards from a wet Northern Ireland where the weather has been glorious for a few days and now we get more rain to make the grass grow again!! It's endless!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

At Last A Card!!

Life is so busy at the moment but in the nick of time for this Engagement Card came a little package from Claire holding little beauties in the form of Cameos and Ovals compatible with Spellbinders....oh my!!
Managed to get a photo in half decent light as it is not a bright day hereabouts.
Hope you like!!