Monday, 25 July 2011

What is this life, if full of care.......

.....we have no time to stand and I am...... it serves to remind us all that some staring is necessary once in a of the photos is also of the woodland walk...and I kept saying to my husband...'it's so quiet here!'...while unknown to us in another woodland not that far distant over two strips of water something utterly sinister was taking place...what a shock we got to hear of this when we got home...there we were walking in a peaceful woodland and ...well, I've already said it all. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Norwegian nation at the moment.


  1. O'h what a peaceful place and yes what horror across the way,what a sad world we are in at times and an amazing one at the same time,no wonder the youth are confused.

  2. So very beautiful there Joyce, so yes do stop and take it all in with gentle communion with the Maker of it! and so agree with what you had to say,God's blessing, Shaz.x