Sunday, 14 August 2011

Another day out

One good day last week we headed off to visit Londonderry....first we walked over the newly opened Peace bridge which is a decorative bit of engineering but very costly....I loved the sweep it had over the river Foyle.
On the walls of the city my husband came across these young girls highland dancing accompanied by a piper...sorry I can't bring you the haunting Scottish melody. We travelled by bus and train and on our return journey the train was crowded and we were joined by a German couple who were travelling in Ireland, we had a lovely time chatting and telling them of our local dialect...sorry we don't have any names but he was a Colin Firth/Mr Darcy look alike and she was very sweet too. We waved them goodbye as they left us at Central Station to catch the Dublin train. The mother in me was concerned that they would arrive in Dublin after 10 at night with no reserved accommodation....
The flowers in the city were a sight to behold and all credit has to go to the City Council for such a tremendous show of flowers....this is the hanging baskets at the bus station no less...


  1. I really enjoy seeing your photos of the area where you live. I will have to imagine the lovely music.

  2. Thanks for the little travel story,I love these on blogs we get to see what we can't go to see.

  3. Hi across the pond there! lovely little travel sorry read before but not commented before! seeing as you are so busy appreciate your call at my blog and God's precious blessings from above on you over there, Joyce. Love Shaz in oz.x