Monday, 9 January 2012

A bit of Reorganisation!

I had been asking around for ideas on storing my 12 x 12 card as I was totally fed up searching this box and that box and that try for suitable card for a project.
Not being able to justify spending £7.95 per acrylic tray I wanted it to be cheap.

Nerine of the WMS forum suggested pizza boxes and I went on e-bay and bought 25 13" boxes some of which I have made up, I folded in the top and bottom flap as it were and this makes the edges very sturdy. Then I stuck down the sides with hot glue. It turns out that one of the edges sits out more than the other and this is perfect for being able to see what is in the slot and gives a little more hand room for getting a sheet out. I am delighted with them. I had intended to adhere them all together but hope to move to a smaller room soon so won't decide until then in case I need to make the pile smaller etc....they are sitting on a bed at the moment and are quite stable. So, for the princely sum of 71pence each I have my storage.
Hope you all are well into 2012 - this will be a very special year in the U.K. We have the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and then The Olympics...busy time.....if you like crowds go to England this year..hmmmm...not me...I prefer to watch it on tv....if you don't like crowds why not come to Northern Ireland where the roads are always weather in May and June (usually!!) and very long nights....sometimes not dark until 11 - 11 30 p.m. - come and enjoy 'the gloaming' - that wonderful time of half light which we get (and Scotland too) each evening...not light and not dark....a special time. However you spend your holidays have a wonderful year full of great memories.