Saturday, 17 September 2011

I'm Having a Break

Hello Everyone...just popping in to say that I am enjoying a break from cardmaking and a lot of other things too. It is great not to have the pressure of working to deadlines for a short time. Lots of folks have been disappointed about cards but I drew a line on the calendar on 17th August and had orders to complete which I managed to do around 3rd September. Now I am having time to organise things I've not had time for recently plus I need to pack two cases for a get-away in Croatia....the former Yugoslavia and we are both looking forward to seeing somewhere different.
I apologise about the lack of blogging and lack of camera work.....dull days anyhow so not much opportunity to snap anything.
I trust those of you who are sweltering still in high temps will soon get relief from searing heat.....we are trusting we will find some real summer in Croatia.
Take care everyone until I talk again.