Wednesday, 4 August 2010

More Mount Stewart photos....

Here are some more images of this wonderful property....The first photo was taken around the lake, second is the view from the Temple of the Winds...a separate 'little' building situated on a rise above the main property and the stiff walk uphill is so worth the view when you reach the top. Third the building itself. Then some special blue hydrangeas....and to finish water lillies....what usually catches my eye is different textures together...the tall spiky reeds...the feathery greenery...the round leaves of the water lilies - so many shapes...when I taught calligraphy I had an album of photos and I tried to get the students to 'see' all these wonderful things as an aid to observation.


  1. brilliant photos, looks like an amazing place!!

  2. Great pics, makes me even more resolved to visit Ireland next year! x

  3. Beautiful pics thanks for sharing