Saturday, 25 September 2010

Chocoholics look the other way.....

Well, I didn't think I'd be back today but there you are. Our first born has a birthday tomorrow and the family are coming here for a birthday meal. This is dessert/birthday cake....he's not 5 though....add 4 decades unto it and you'd be right! This is a basic sponge cake with rather scrumptious filling inside including 4 Ferero Roche chocolates crumbled in the middle. Then I poured ganache (a mixture of chocolate and cream over it...great shine with all the cream...hmmm....think of the fat! Then piped some fresh cream around and on top. But you with chocolate is a messy business! Wish I could give you all a little piece of cake...wouldn't that be a great gathering!! We'll just have to imagine the chat (or the craic as they call it hereabouts) we'd have if we all could get together.

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  1. Too late...I looked :) Yummmm, this cake sound delish!! Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy - 45 years young!