Monday, 1 July 2013

Just popping in for a moment.....

Hello everyone....a fellow Gingerwoodie would like to see a card I'm making (still have to do the inside and write the address on the envelope)so now that I've published the front I hope I haven't made it sound more interesting than it is!! I started off with computer generating Authors and some titles of their works - printed it out on cream hammer card rather than paper (printing is hit and miss on this card as it has dimples but I don't mind the look). This card is for a retiring English Literature teacher. Then I used a stamp, sorry I don't know the company source...and embossed it in gold...raised it up on pop dots etc. Then wrote the greeting on the oval in dusky pink 'ink' (really gouache with some gum arabic in it - probably magenta with white) raised that up on pop dots too. Then die cut the two swirls - as they are not mirrors I turn one over and use a bone folder to make it look neater and I sometimes 'curve' them as well. Added some bling in gold to match the little 'leaves' and the fancy button in the middle...ribbon was folded and then I made the 'flower' by running a thread along the bottom of the ribbon and pulling it into a flower attaching the ends together and covering the mechanics up with the gold leaves. Hope you like! The envelope has a little strip of the 'Author' print on it on the left hand side and then I'll address it in pink and when dry wax the ink so that it doesn't spoil should it get wet anywhere. The posy is just what is sitting on my 'studio' windowsill...they are old English roses growing in the garden and there is also a few pieces of scented stock - that's the purple blossom - both give off a beautiful fragrance and it cheers my heart when I see them during the day. Sorry folks my photos are not publishing - you know me - I'll try and do them again!

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  1. Hullo there dear Joyce, this all sounds so interesting, what a pity about the pickies - take care dear friend, love Shaz in Oz.x