Thursday, 7 April 2016

Spring is here- trying to make a fresh start at blogging again.....

Hello the few folks who still get notice of my postings. I really don't know where the time goes to, it flies. My intentions are always good but life gets in the way. I have had a few health issues and have been told not to push myself for a while so I decided to do a little re-organisation of my work room and thought I would try and take a few photos some of which are distinctly blurry but they may just give you a wee idea of what 'my place' looks like. I was watching a video by Jennifer McGuire yesterday and sadly my room is not in any way like her custom made workroom. Mine is made up of this that and the other but it works for me. Have just finished a phase of re-boxing stamps into old DVD type cases, I've had two big boxes of them and still not enough.... You will see that I still have some in DVD cases but hey, they'll do for now as the holders are fine and I don't want to throw them out. I usually get photos all over the place - it may take two posts to get them in but here goes. I have been know to make a real mess of this so bear with me.

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  1. Hi Joyce,
    I should get your post soon but not sure, you came up on my sidebor that's how come I saw you had posted .. have subscribed, cos double checked so maybe too early as think it goes on USA time.
    Well your crafty spot has changed indeed... can see you've a new die cutting machine .. is an Xpress or Xcut one (cant recall the name)? they've just become available here and I am tempted. But Cuttlebug still going okay (bought in March 2010!) and have Big shot too, pretty new as mainly use bug - so cant justify it yet.
    Love the tidy organisation of it very good job!
    Pray your health improves sis.. sorry to hear that!
    Thanks so much for the inspiration.
    Shaz in Oz.x

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