Saturday, 19 February 2011

And there's more!

Well, I didn't think I'd be posting so soon again but went to make another card and you know what happens when you get a new die....for a while you will use and use it! This card uses two of the dies cut outs adhered to the card just as they are and the second layer is pop-dotted to give dimension. Then I used part of a corsage which has been in the drawer for a long no hand made flowers for those ribbon challenged! I am simply going to write the ladies name on the card straight off as I feel there is quite enough going on here. One of the photos shows the die in close up.
Now, back to work!
(You may be wondering just why so much production is going on today...simple answer - DH is away at a Ploughing Match - all day - and then the group are going out for a meal afterwards so complete peace and quiet hereabouts!!)


  1. This is a really pretty card also. So elegant.

  2. Thanks Velda - I'll not bore you all with any more!!!! LOL!!