Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Awards Aplenty!!!

I want to thank Velda and Pauline for their recent awards...ladies.....I am going to tell you 8 things about me you may not know but never having particpated in 'chain' letters I am opting out of that part of the award...I apologise if this annoys you.
I am hopeless on the computer so linking this and that is a trouble to me....however here are 8 things you may not even WANT to know!!!

I was born into a very humble home and I have 2 sisters and 1 brother and I am the baby of the family.

I would love to have learned to play the piano and indeed would still like to learn music but time is of the essence.

I studied secretarial stuff when I should have been doing art. But in the late 50's and 60's art was not something you earned a living doing!

I played netball and loved all sports and as the college I attended was part of an old gaol with a very high ceiling they had a trapeze and I was the only one who would get on it....I used to swing by my knees from and safety would never allow it now without a net to catch you if you fell.

I love to travel - gaps in my travel life are visits to Japan, India, China, Russia.

I really like to surprise people by sending a card or doing something for them when they least expect it...that gives me so much satisfaction.

I like to cook and eat...suffice to say I've always had a battle with my weight!

I'm an oldie - there are compensations bus and train travel within Ireland which I intend to make use of in the months and years ahead dv.

Think that's 8...what a job to think of those!

Renewed apologies for not linking stuff - I have tried but no luck.

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  1. How lovely to know a bit about each other over this wordy wide web! My parents are from Dublin, and I have lots of Anties, Uncles and cousins still there, my dad was one of 13!!! I haven't been for a visit for many years, and I'm about due a trip over there to see my favourite family. Don't worry about the linking, I struggled with it all at first, I'm not good with computers, but I am getting better. Pauline xx