Saturday, 12 March 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts but life is exceptionally busy. I have just spent the day writing in liquid gold (sort of stuff framers use to smarten up old picture frames etc) on very large and awkward to work with wooden boards. Beautiful boards of course but not as easy to write on as paper. For a start one has to use a flat brush. The writing is almost the easy part as the the drafting takes a lot of time. You have to do a complete draft on paper and then cut those all up to 'paste' them unto the boards for an idea of how the text might look. Then when you are completely happy (am I ever happy at that stage, not really!) you can start to write straight off on the boards. Scary stuff sometimes. All done now and I want to leave them until Monday when I will erase the white watercolour pencil markings. Although the gold dries very quickly I want it to harden hence the wait to tidy up.
Also waiting is a set of Order of Service inserts to be printed and inserted into their outer covers. I am just waiting for confirmation that all is correct with the text before I print the inserts.
Then a job of writing guests names on wedding invitations - quite a large wedding too. This job is comparitively easy but long. Hours and hours.
There are other orders to be completed, one being a Ruby Wedding Card.
Sorry I've no photos for you!
We had snow this morning...wet snow...and it has rained the most of the day and there is now only snow left on the grass. It will be all gone in the morning probably.
Take care everyone.....earthquakes, tsunami....etc.


  1. I hope you can take photos of your finished product. It's always nice to have a record after so much work. You'll need a break when you finish with all these orders. Take care.

  2. i hope there are photos. sounds quite intriguing