Saturday, 8 October 2011

I'm Back # 2

Just adding more photos. Cavtat is 15 km south of Dubrovnik and is quite a small village/town with beautiful views over the bay...there are two for the flash yachts which arrive day and daily and create great interest for the onlookers. The other little natural harbour housed many little boats bobbing up and down all day and provided hours of amusement watching the water taxis come and go....we also watched the tour buses from cruises arrive to our little town for a coffee stop. They all doddled off the buses and to the front where all the eateries were. One day we were sitting watching the yachts and being nosey I always asked where they were from if I didn't recognise the was from Russia (did know that flag) one from Austria (wasn't sure of it but should have know from The Sound of Music LOL!) and one from Germany. It is mystifying to me how these folks navigate to certain ports...augh...I'd certainly be lost at sea!
On one photo you will see a doorway with shutters...just look how the shape of the shutters matches the shape of the stone doorway...attention to detail here. This was a simple Bed and Breakfast place on one of the islands we visited...simple but clean and sparkling from what we could see. You can also see two sunbeds and this is the place we watched all the comings and was overshadowed by Corsican pines which gave dappled sun most of the day and we didn't get sunburned.
Until next time take care.


  1. Wow looks like you certainly had a great time little sis, welcome home - guess the weather at home is like elsewhere over there - my brother is in Manchester for the World Masters Track cycling Champs and he said it is freezing at the moment even hailed twice in second day he was there - they race inside so doesn't matter. God bless, love Shaz.xx

  2. Wow, what wonderful trips you get to take! Wanna trade places? Just kidding--but I do love the photos of these exotic places you travel to!

  3. Я только сегодня увидела ваш блог!!
    Спасибо за ваше посещение.
    Рада знакомству.
    Красивые места и фотографии!
    Цветы великолепные!

    С любовью, Вика.

  4. Hi again Joyce so sorry to hear you were not well over there praying for you, feeling yuck again today... not quite sure why.... life is never dull! love Shaz.x
    PS. I posted my students texts today.
    PPS Vik comes onto my blog - she is areal hunny and loves the LORD too. Here is what she wrote in case you did not know I always put her comments in Google translate:
    Vika Dolya said ...

    I just saw your blog today!
    Thank you for your visit.
    Pleased to meet you.
    Beautiful places and pictures!
    Flowers are great!

    With Love, Vicky.

  5. Me again - thanks for popping over and have been praying for Heather will email when have time or if you email me will tell you then a story attached to Heather. Sorry to be in so much haste... also posting blog anniv. candy tomorrow God willing, Shaz in oz.x