Saturday, 8 October 2011

I'm Back!

Hello I am again...refreshed, rested and almost ready to resume whatever is in front of me. We had a relaxing break and the weather was still very warm so we didn't rush around at all. In fact we only had one 'excursion' and that was a boat trip to 3 islands - and a rough journey homewards. Sufficient to say the crew were tying down the spare seating - I was waiting for us to be handed our lifejackets LOL! Our hotel was very pleasant and the staff were more than helpful and friendly and above all they all, without exception, were a treat to be with. The food was good. I am enlcosing some photos - there may be two posts tonight.


  1. Wow! So happy for your good time!

  2. Welcome home little sis. how I love this such sunshine and views - God is so good to us!thanks so much for sharing - God bless you! Shaz in oz.x