Friday, 3 February 2012

A Gingerwoodies Kindness

Sorry for being so long in posting but I've had flu - where did the last 3 weeks go to?
Now, I want to tell you about some friends of mine....they are all 'Gingerwoodies'.
For those of you who don't know who they could be we are all members of a stamping, scrapping (though I don't scrap) forum who support each other in our creating. We also support each other personally as well and I consider it a privilege to be a small part of this caring group of people.
Over the years I've been shown many random acts of kindness and I thank those who have blessed me - you know who you are - the latest kindness arrived with me last week. It all started when I posted a thread on the Gingerstamp forum saying I had found 'Hershey' kisses (chocolate - American fashion) in Asda here in the U.K. Hershey kisses are favoured among stampers as being one of those little treats one makes decorative packages to present them in.....well, MA from the forum asked me for my address and the end result is that this lady went to considerable (and Ireally mean 'considerable') personal expense in posting me a box (Medium Priority for those of you in the U.S.) of goodies all the way from Conneticut - gosh was I surprised at the size of the box....I was really flabergasted (do you know that word?) indeed. I have photographed the contents. She has also spent so much time prettying up all the little packages which filled me with so much joy and happiness...chocolate and more chocolate.....crafting goodies by the score....goodness it was endless opening it was like Christmas - my birthday (which I spent in bed with flu) and much more all rolled into really lifted my heart. So in this world of much corruption and hatred there is still goodness to be found in the hearts of caring people. These people spread happiness worldwide. I really cannot come to terms with this generosity...I expected a little envelope with a few Hersheys but was gifted with a mountain of delights.
What are we in this world for but to gladden the hearts of others and I've experienced this last week and indeed will for some time to come. Thank you MA for this generous act of kindess. May God bless you for all your endeavours.


  1. ah Joyce so thrilled you are thus blessed and big special thanks to MA from the forum, not heard of it but sounds a great place to visit, so sorry to hear you were still ill knew you were few weeks back but did not think it would last so terribly long! Love and may God continue to strengthen you, Shaz in oz.x
    As thy days so shall thy strength be. (Numbers 33 I think?)

  2. Amazing group we have, isn't it. A kind of a family. MA did a lovely thing. I hope you are feeling better each day. That flu can make one weak for awhile.

  3. What a lucky lady you are to be on the receiving side of MA's generosity! Oh, and chocolate is so good for your mindset after/during/before any illness or planned 'lolling' aabout! MA is a wonderful GW giver-I've received paper, stamped images and her offer to share her LaBlanche stamps with me-just yesterday she sent me an email with all the newest images-I think she may help me part with some money!! Joyce, so glad you are feeling better, take care of yourself and eat a Hershey's Kiss every so often-you determine how often is required-to make sure you stay well and happy! They may be considered medicinal if you feel a little sniffle coming on-it can't hurt! Enjoy every tasty morsel!