Thursday, 5 June 2014

A bicycle built for one.

Last weekend a local country church held their flower festival. They will have quite a few arrangements in the church all based on scripture or a theme from the Bible. We attended on Friday afternoon not long after it opened as it gets busy further on into the weekend. There was an official opening on Friday evening when the local Choral Society were performing. There was also a closing ceremoney on the Sunday evening as well. On the Saturday there would have been coach loads of folks coming from all over to see the festival. These are usually ladies on their annual outing and will have pre-booked a meal which the ladies of the church will have prepared. It is also possible for anyone who wishes to have afternoon tea or morning coffee when attending. The purpose of this festival was to raise money for their building fund. I trust they did well. On approaching the door of the church the first arrangement was in the basket on a bicycle and I took this photo to show to my friend in Walla Walla who likes bicycles and she regularly makes cards with them on the front. I also include a photo of the baptismal font - there were pink and blue flowers around the base and then white for purity further up...I liked this arrangement very much. I also was particularly fond of the lectern arrangement...a cascade of roses which pleased me. The flower arrangements are sold after the weekend. Until next time.

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  1. Lovely flowers. Thank you for sharing them with us.