Monday, 16 June 2014

A Day Out!

Last week we had a day out with our local History group. We travelled to our Folk and Transport the extensive grounds they have created and re-built cottages and houses from all around our countryside and there are demonstrations of local crafts all year. the first photo is of a gentelman's residence and the second photo there is a suitably attired woman talking about how things worked in the kitchens of yesteryear...she was also making soda bread on a griddle which you can see in the distance...sorry I couldn't get nearer as there were a lot of women enjoying her talk. The third photo is of the Bank Manager's home....the glazed door was beautifully painted...4th photo is of the living room in the same home. The 5th photo is of traditional basket making..this one would be used for carrying turf..or peat as you might know it.....I really love baskets and find them hard to resist. We had a wonderful day weatherwise and enjoyed our company along with good scones to eat in the coffee shop.


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  2. Thank you for sharing this glimpse of the history of your area. Looks like and enjoyable trip.