Monday, 18 May 2015

A Card for a 'Centurion' !!

Again it is quite a while since I is the latest offering which I've made today. Base is pearlescent, layer of mountboard covered with peachskin fabric in Anna Griffin gold frame (brought in from the U.S.) surrounded by handmade ribbon flowers...leaves cut from a Cheer Lynn border die and the gold 'frond' which I think is Memory Box. The handwritten greeting in pink gouache....majenta paled down with Permanent White has a matching box with 100 on it cut from Papertrey number dies. Hope you like it....will apologise for the quality of the skills are zilch, as you know.


  1. Ah dear sweet friend Joyce how very beautiful is this..

    A very soft and delicate but most apt tribute to such a great lady at 100 years, have made a 90th but not a 100.
    Just doing some catch I miss you dear friend,
    Popping right over for a cuppa.. If only,
    Love Shaz.xx

  2. Such a beautiful card. I notice you say you don't post often - but well worth waiting for! Thanks for commenting on my card too, I don't know how else to contact you to say so.