Thursday, 26 March 2015

And finally.....

This was a gift to a neighbour - this and the last card (the alium one) were embroidered on heavy (140gsm) watercolour paper....just beginning to get into this and love it....first of all I 'spattered' goache artist paint to represent some of the background is not as simple as it looks. I had to practice this many times to get it sort of right. Then I went in and embroidered even more knots and beads to represent clusters of was all about cherry trees you see, although the poem is about any tree.....our avenue is lined with them and they are about to burst was framed in a gold frame with a little gold slip to raise the glass above the beading etc....I was pleased with it. Didn't photograph it framed as glass is a pain (or pane?) to get right.


  1. Nice to see someone else who does a bit of the machine embroidery

  2. Hi sis, lovley work, but would've liked to see the whole image with the calligraphy work as well as close up :)
    Love Shaz.x