Thursday, 26 March 2015

Specifically for Embroiderers....

Hello everyone, here I am again coming with apologies for not being regular in blogging. I do have to confess that the reason I am here is mainly to show some interested embroiderers some of my work..and being fairly computer illiterate I have no idea how to do links and photos and all of that except for here (and maybe not if it doesn't go well). Should say embroidery really started for me when Jan Beany was on tv many years ago - it was a programme called 'Embroidery' (what else) and there was an accompanying book to go with it....this is my interpretation of one of the 'pictures' in it. It is meant to be a cross section of a border in a garden. Worked on calico... Green velvet hosta leaves were attached with long stitches to represent veins. They were edged with chenille yarn. Then there are Michaelmas daisies...straight stitches in a circle and a french knot for a centre...then more grasses, including heavier ones, more french knots and there you have it.....It is very old, it is not glazed and I like people to touch and feel it....yes, the calico needs a bit of a gets the hoover pointed at it to remove the dust!