Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Advice from Mr Ruskin

Today I am showing you a piece of calligraphy which was commissioned by a Professional for hanging in his waiting room.

It is a timely piece of advice which those of us who sell our craft should remember when setting our charges. Yes, our head tells us it is right but our hearts don't always agree. How do you set your charges? Do you add up the cost of your materials and then add your time which you have set at $? or £? per hour? Keeping a timesheet is a great thing if you are going to set a charge. It will surprise you sometimes just how long it takes to complete a project.

It was written on smooth watercolour paper, Fabriano Artistico, after I had colour washed the background with a natural sponge. Natural sponges are the best for this kind of sponging...they are so soft they give a great result. Synthetic sponges don't have the same effect at all.I then photocopied some money notes (desperately trying to avoid the numbers on the notes), cut out the £ sign and made the slots in the bottom of the paper to slide the money through.

The Art Gallery I do some lettering for (www.galleryone.co.uk) framed this piece and of course the right frame really compliments any art.


  1. Wow, Joyce, this is fabulous!!! It's totally unique and eye catching. I'm glad it's hanging where it can be admired by many! Although I don't sell my cards, I do agree with this sentiment. tfs

    BTW, what happened to your beautiful retirement card?

  2. Cindy - I thought it was such a mess of postings I decided to delete it...if and when I learn how to post differently I'll show it again.