Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter Blessings

May I wish you Every Blessing this Eastertime.
Today, Good Friday we remember His suffering but on Easter Sunday morning we will rejoice that He has risen that we may live with him forever.

My piece of calligraphy today was written probably 25 years ago....apparently it was written by someone in prison who was supposed to be demented but surely these words, along with the other verses of this hymn, could only be written by someone who was certainly in their right mind.

Best wishes to one and all whatever your plans are for this holiday.


  1. This is lovely, Joyce - it does make you think though. J x

  2. Totally agree with you Joyce!! only someone in their right mind and who was truly in tune with His creator could pen these words... and he was remembering His Creator - as we are commanded to do in Ecclesiastes 12 vs 1. Thanks so much for sharing it will be posting my text finished this Wed post and am working on another small one have done it before and already posted it plus whole lot of card orders as am behind.
    love and God bless,
    Shaz in Oz.x