Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Freestyle Embroidery

Many years ago a wonderful needlewoman had a series on the BBC about Embroidery...not as our older relatives had worked it by transferring a 'pattern' unto fabric and stitching a numerous variety of stitches to make a picture...they made runners for tables, cushion (pillow) covers, tray cloths and much more beavering away with their threads and needle. I still have some of my Aunt's work.
The embroidery displayed here is so different yet calls on long forgotten skills to create it. It is supposed to look like a border in a the bottom there are hosta leaves edged with chenille yarn which are made of velvet and then long- stitched over to keep them in place. then there are French knots to symbolise Michaelmas daisies...then taller stems to look like long grasses. I just started with the hostas and stitched as I felt was sort of planning other than casing an embroidery Jan showed on the programme. Again there is no glass covering it and some of you will be horrified...and yes, this is now beginning to look a bit sad but I think I could spruce it up if time permitted. There are no rules nowadays - if you want to enjoy freedom try something like this!


  1. This is absolutely fantastic. It looks like such a contemporary piece - timeless!

    J x

  2. This is simply awesome - such a stunning piece of art, I'm a bit speechless :-0

  3. HI Joyce - wow this is so impressive!!

    Just to respond to your comment, unfortunately it's a small private farm and they just seel the fleece I think to be made into wool - possibly not as exciting as I made it sound!? :) x

  4. This is a true work of art