Friday, 8 April 2011

No cards but yet more calligraphy...

Here is a piece of calligraphy I did for a Women's Institute competition some years ago...we had to use an old style of writing alongside a contemporary style...mine was Rustic and was worked on very heavy watercolour paper - I sponged and splattered the background (splattering with a toothbrush) to make it look sort of old. Worked the Rustic up one side and the Italic as normal. Although there is not much writing - and the big empty space is important to highlight the text - it did take a while to complete...think I did this was the 3rd attempt...the first two did not even get near the look I wanted. I did well in the competition - saying no more than was a challenge and I enjoyed it all.
(Sorry one of the photos is too far away but I know not how to get rid of it from this post!!)


  1. Another fantastic creation! What a talented lady! Not much wonder you did 'well' in the competition!

    Hugs J x

  2. Absolutely wonderful! At one time I aspired to attaining similar skills in this area, but my pieces were never anywhere close to the level that you display. I love the embroidery piece you posted recently, as well. You are really multi-talented!

  3. your work is outstanding